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Strategy Session: What Should I Do While Contemplating a Divorce

Please find below 5 simple things that you can do while contemplating a divorce:

  1. Take Pictures:  It is not fun to come home and find that everything has been removed.  In order to protect yourself, you should take pictures of all of the furniture and personal property located in the marital residence.  You should also take pictures of the contents of a safe or safe deposit box. 
  2. Collect Records:  You should make copies of tax returns, bank statements, retirement account statements, brokerage account statements, paystubs, life insurance documents, credit card statements, and other financial information. 
  3. Keep a Journal:  If you have minor children, you should keep a journal of any odd occurrences that happen in the marital residence. 
  4. Avoid Conflict:  You should avoid any fights or arguments with your spouse. 
  5. Avoid Social Media:  You should refrain from posting anything about marital issues on social media. 
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