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How Long Does the Ohio Divorce Process Take?

At the beginning of a lawsuit, it is difficult to foresee how long an Ohio divorce will take. After it is underway and we understand the issues, we will be better able to gauge the duration. How long it will take depends on the following four factors:

  1. The number and complexity of contested issues;
  2. The vehemence of the parties’ feelings and their inclination to settle;
  3. The Court’s calendar. A temporary hearing can usually be scheduled in two to four weeks. A full divorce trial will take place in approximately 8-12 months, depending upon which Judge your case is assigned to and that particular Judge’s court schedule;
  4. The other lawyer. Your lawyer has no control over the other lawyer’s schedule or personality. An extremely busy or uncompromising opposing counsel can prolong your divorce.

By far, the most common factors that prolong lawsuits are the intensity of the parties’ feelings and the degree to which the parties want to fight.

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