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What is a Status Call / Initial Pre-trial Conference?

Your status call or initial pre-trial conference is scheduled at the time your Ohio divorce complaint is filed and generally occurs approximately 120 days after the filing. The purpose of the status call / initial pre-trial conference is for the lawyers to meet with a Court Magistrate or Judge to discuss how the case is progressing.

At the status hearing / initial pre-trial conference, the lawyers will discuss what issues the parties can agree on (i.e., date of marriage, number of children, income of the parties, evaluation of assets such as the home, personal property, pensions and the like) and the matters which they cannot agree upon.

Please keep in mind that the status call / pre-trial conference is for scheduling purposes only. At the status call / initial pre-trial conference, the Court will not enforce orders regarding your spouse’s failure, if any, to comply with the previous orders of the Court. We will notify you if we require information or documentation from you in order to prepare for the status conference / initial pre-trial conference. Depending upon which Judge your case is assigned to, you may or may not be required to attend the status conference / initial pre-trial conference. You will be directed in subsequent communications from our office whether you are required to attend the status conference / initial pre-trial conference.

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