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Determining the Earning Ability of a Spouse

In a divorce case, it is important to determine the earning abilities of the parties in order to calculate spousal support and child support.  If both parties work to their full abilities, then their current income will be used for calculating child… Read More
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Strategy Session: What Should I Do While Contemplating a Divorce

Please find below 5 simple things that you can do while contemplating a divorce: Take Pictures:  It is not fun to come home and find that everything has been removed.  In order to protect yourself, you should take pictures of all of the furniture… Read More
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Valuation of Real Estate in Divorces

Real estate is generally the largest asset of a married couple.  The average American family has more than 50% of their net worth in real estate.  For years, a married couple will spill their money and labor into a home.  The division of the equi… Read More
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Parental Rights and Same-Sex Couples

Ohio has thousands of same-sex couples who have welcomed a child into their home either by birth or adoption.  Prior to the recent Supreme Court decision granting the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples, the child of a same-sex couple could ha… Read More
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Landmark Supreme Court Decision Abolishes Bans to Gay Marriage

In a landmark decision, the United States Supreme Court has abolished bans to same-sex marriages.  In a moving decision, Justice Kennedy stated the following regarding gay marriage: “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the… Read More
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Adam Morris Chosen for Akron Bar Association Leadership Academy

Randal Lowry & Associates would like to congratulate Adam Morris for being chosen for the Akron Bar Association Leadership Academy. Through the Academy, the Akron Bar Association sought to identify leaders in the practice of law and in their comm… Read More
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Protecting Your Retirement Accounts in a Divorce

For many people going through their divorce, retirement accounts are a substantial portion of their net worth.  In some cases, theses investments exceed the value of real estate and other property.  Therefore, many of our clients are very concerned… Read More
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Mediation in Divorce Matters

Mediation can be a very useful tool to facilitate the settlement of a divorce.  A mediator is a neutral, third-party that is very experienced in the field of family law.  The mediator will meet with the parties for as long as the parties are willin… Read More
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Binding Agreements for Arbitration in an Ohio Divorce Matter May Not Be Binding

You may have signed an agreement for arbitration in your divorce matter. You may have been told that this process would be cheaper or more efficient than litigating your divorce in court. You may realize that the arbitration process is not as efficie… Read More
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