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What is a Pre-trial Conference?

A pre-trial conference is generally the first meeting with the lawyers and the Judge during an Ohio divorce proceeding. The pre-trial conference will be scheduled approximately 60-90 days after the last status conference or initial pre-trial conference. Both lawyers are required to submit a pre-trial statement to the Judge which is generally an updated financial statement. The pre-trial statement contains information concerning the marriage, valuation of assets, list of debts, stipulations and the issues which the parties cannot agree upon. Both lawyers review the pre-trial statements with the Judge. At the time of the pre-trial conference, your final trial date will be scheduled.

You will receive a notice regarding the date of your pre-trial conference and you will be requested to submit certain information in preparation therefor. Your attendance is required at the pre-trial conference, although you will not be required to testify and often times you may not be permitted in the courtroom during the pre-trial procedure. At the pre-trial conference, the Court will schedule a divorce trial date. Generally, the trial date is three to six months after the pre-trial conference, depending upon the Court’s schedule.

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