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An agreement that establishes terms for division of property when a marriage ends is called an antenuptial agreement under Ohio law. Many people still refer to such a contract as a prenuptial agreement.

If you believe a prenuptial / antenuptial agreement may be right for you — or you believe you may have grounds to challenge the validity of an existing one — contact our Akron, Ohio, family law attorneys today.

Protecting Individual Wealth – Second Marriages – Achieving Clarity

Perhaps the most common scenarios calling for prenuptial / antenuptial agreements are:

  • One person owns substantially greater assets than the other and the couple agrees that a written contract is needed to reflect their wishes and understanding.
  • Either or both people planning to marry have children from a previous marriage and want to ensure their interests are legally protected.

An antenuptial / prenuptial agreement may address both what will happen to property in the event of divorce, dissolution, or legal separationand distribution of property when one spouse dies. Child custody and support matters cannot be predetermined this way, but many important issues can be addressed.  

Our Family Law Attorneys Offer Extensive Relevant Experience

Although corporate lawyers may offer their services when you need a marital agreement, we believe your interests will be better protected by a qualified divorce/family law attorney. This is not “just another contract,” and our experienced Ohio divorce lawyers know both the legal requirements for validity and enforceability and how best to work toward compromise and resolution if any disagreement should arise.

We will be happy to review your overall situation and advise you about any benefits, detriments or risks that may be associated with entering a prenuptial / antenuptial agreement. At Randal A. Lowry & Associates, we have worked with many higher-asset clients and our firm’s experience in drafting solid agreements is strong. We have also capably represented clients in litigation over the meaning and enforceability of these agreements.

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We welcome you to call Randal A. Lowry & Associates at (330) 576-3363 to consult with us regarding a prenuptial agreement. Our Akron-area family law attorneys serve clients throughout Summit, Medina, Portage, Stark and Cuyahoga counties.

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