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Previous Results

Attorneys Randal Lowry, Mora Lowry and Adam Morris have litigated significant cases that have assisted in developing domestic relations law. These cases include the following:

  • Sergi v. Sergi (world renowned experts valued large international business on the behalf of the business owner)
  • Stovall v. Stovall (leading case in the nation on the recognition of social security offset with public pensions)
  • Froelich v. Froelich (appellate decision regarding attempted vacating of decree)
  • Kent v. Kent (challenge of trial court decision on two occasions on inadequate spousal support)
  • Choi v. Choi (appellate decision regarding financial misconduct)
  • Kolar v. Kolar (appellate decision regarding long-term spousal support and attorney fees)
  • Nguyen v. Coy (appellate decision regarding the calculation of spousal support)
  • Wuscher v. Wuscher (appellate decision regarding the modification of spousal support and child support)
  • Organ v. Organ (appellate decision regarding spousal support)
  • Goad v. Goad (appellate decision regarding modification of custody)
  • Johns v. Johns (appellate decision regarding nonpayment and modification of spousal support)
  • Smith v. Smith (appellate decision regarding division of assets, spousal support and financial misconduct)
  • Raykov v. Raykov (appellate decision regarding termination date of the marriage, discovery disputes and spousal support)
  • Ritzinger v. Ritzinger (appellate decision regarding modification of support and cohabitation)
  • Ivanov v. Ivanov (appellate decision regarding division of public pension plans).

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