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I appreciate the first-class service that Randal Lowry & Associates provided. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time. 

– Martin S.

Attorney Mora Lowry is a top notch professional. She is committed to providing quality service and professionalism to her clients. She works tirelessly for her clients and has established a great network of attorneys throughout the Akron community.

– Daphine E.

Randal Lowry was well prepared and professional throughout the entire divorce process.  I was so impressed with his trial and court of appeals skills.  Mr. Lowry and his entire office staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed during a stressful period of time. 

– Patricia O.

Thank you so much for handling my complicated divorce case involving an extremely complex business valuation and real estate issues.  Your office handled my case in a very professional and extremely efficient manner.  You were always available to answer my questions.  You made a most difficult and stressful case progress smoothly!

– Carol S.

Attorney Adam Morris is an utmost professional who always had my interests in mind. Nothing was too trivial for him to address, and he worked tirelessly to ensure I was protected now and in the future. He was always prepared, and he walked me through the scariest parts of the divorce process, helping me feel confident every step of the way.


– Heather

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