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Divorces and Dissolutions

If you are considering filing for divorce in the Akron area, or your spouse has filed a complaint for divorce against you, we encourage you to talk to the experienced Akron, Ohio, divorce lawyers at Randal A. Lowry & Associates today. With almo… Read More

Complex Property Division

At the law offices of Randal A. Lowry & Associates, we are prepared to assist clients with the division of marital assets in the most complex business and personal estates. For almost 40 years, we have been helping people in Akron and throughout… Read More

Spousal Support Planning

Unlike child support, which is ordered at some level in the vast majority of Ohio divorce cases involving children, spousal support is far from an automatic outcome. However, it is a very important consideration in many divorces– especially those… Read More

Child Support, Custody and Visitation

Arriving at an agreement on a child custody and shared parenting plan is frequently the most contentious and emotionally trying aspect of an Ohio divorce proceeding. That’s only natural as most parents are deeply committed to maintaining stro… Read More

Post Decree Matters

There are numerous laws in place to account for the vast array of changes that can occur after a divorce or dissolution of marriage. After all, almost every aspect of a divorce decree is a stipulation about the future – and nothing about the futur… Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

An agreement that establishes terms for division of property when a marriage ends is called an antenuptial agreement under Ohio law. Many people still refer to such a contract as a prenuptial agreement. If you believe a prenuptial / antenuptial agree… Read More

Paternity and Juvenile Court

At Randal A. Lowry & Associates, we are well versed in Ohio laws and procedures governing paternity, parental rights, child support, and other critical issues. You can depend on our Akron, Ohio, paternity and juvenile court lawyers for exceptio… Read More

Step-Parent Adoption

Akron, Ohio, step-parent adoption attorney Mora Lowry with Randal A. Lowry & Associates assists clients with step-parent adoptions. A step-parent adoption includes the following: A termination of the parental relationship with the other natural… Read More

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