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Are Prenuptial Agreements Valid in Ohio?

Tue 22 May, 2018 / by / Resources

Are prenuptial agreements valid in Ohio? Yes, so long as the agreement satisfies several conditions set forth by the Ohio Supreme Court. A prenuptial agreement will be valid if the agreement satisfies the following: The agreement has been entered into freely without fraud, duress, coercion, or overreaching. There was full …

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Depositions During Divorces

Mon 26 February, 2018 / by / Resources

During the divorce process in Ohio, your spouse may be entitled to take your deposition. A deposition is an opportunity for fact-finding. The deposition will generally take place at an attorney’s office. A court reporter will be present to transcribe the testimony of the party being deposed. A deposition can …

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Important Terminology in Custody Matters

Mon 19 February, 2018 / by / Resources

Attorneys, courts and other professionals use various terminology that can be confusing to the general public. Below we define and explain several terms in child custody matters.  Primary Residential Parent and Legal Custodian:  The primary residential parent and legal custodian is typically called sole custody. The primary residential parent will have …

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Determining the Earning Ability of a Spouse

Sat 4 June, 2016 / by / Resources

In a divorce case, it is important to determine the earning abilities of the parties in order to calculate spousal support and child support. If both parties work to their full abilities, then their current income will be used for calculating child support and spousal support. However, if either spouse …

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