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Depositions During Divorces

During the divorce process in Ohio, your spouse may be entitled to take your deposition.  A deposition is an opportunity for fact-finding.  The deposition will generally take place at an attorney’s office.  A court reporter will be present t… Read More
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Strategy Session: What Should I Do While Contemplating a Divorce

Please find below 5 simple things that you can do while contemplating a divorce: Take Pictures:  It is not fun to come home and find that everything has been removed.  In order to protect yourself, you should take pictures of all of the furniture… Read More
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Valuation of Real Estate in Divorces

Real estate is generally the largest asset of a married couple.  The average American family has more than 50% of their net worth in real estate.  For years, a married couple will spill their money and labor into a home.  The division of the equi… Read More
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Protecting Your Retirement Accounts in a Divorce

For many people going through their divorce, retirement accounts are a substantial portion of their net worth.  In some cases, theses investments exceed the value of real estate and other property.  Therefore, many of our clients are very concerned… Read More
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Mediation in Divorce Matters

Mediation can be a very useful tool to facilitate the settlement of a divorce.  A mediator is a neutral, third-party that is very experienced in the field of family law.  The mediator will meet with the parties for as long as the parties are willin… Read More
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Binding Agreements for Arbitration in an Ohio Divorce Matter May Not Be Binding

You may have signed an agreement for arbitration in your divorce matter. You may have been told that this process would be cheaper or more efficient than litigating your divorce in court. You may realize that the arbitration process is not as efficie… Read More
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